From the recording The Launch


Turned the handle
Shut the door
Spun the lock
Note on the floor

“To my past self
Forget me now
Flush the system
And wipe your brow.

All the wrongs
You never made right
Disallowing love
You lost your sight

No eye on the prize
But glaring into hell
Twists and turns
You rang the bell

I’m leaving my angst
Along with the fear
You tortured my soul
And must disappear

Goodbye for good
Here’s my decree
I wish you the worst
Sincerely me.”

Just hit the open road x4

I can finally take
A breath of fresh air
The weight is lifted
I left it all there.

It was all melancholy
Those times were rough
Even the strongest man
Would have found it tough

Gone are the worst days
On to the best
An endless highway
I will now find rest

The shit that used to
Always hit the fan
Now turns to roses
Composing a new man

Just hit the open road x4

I slowed down the car
As I crossed into town
This place looks like home
On a hill looking down

I look to the east
I look to the west
Not a cloud in the sky
I finished my quest

Tranquility and peace
Gave me solid ground
My heart is complete
And I am glory bound

The chapter is closed
But the story’s not done
This next one’s the best
I’ve only just begun

Just hit the open road